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Our Hospitality Team


Meet Kit!

Ernie Weir: Owner / Winemaker

Role: The Heart & Soul
Favorite Pairing: A bottle of an older vintage of my Prix MelangĂ© with some of my wife's famous ossobuco at the kitchen table surrounded by all my loved ones!
Backstory: In late 1973, Ernie entered the wine industry with a job at Domaine Chandon.  A few years later he completed his studies in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis which gave him more tools to later establish his own winery.  Ernie spends his time on-property managing our 18 acres of wine grapes as well as the majority of the administrative and operational logistics that come with running a winery. When he's not busy at the winery, Ernie enjoys playing bridge with his friends, exploring Napa Valley's abundance of world-class restaurants with his wife, Irit, and spending quality time with his grandson and three adult children.

Meet Kit!


DTC Manager
Role: The Glue
Favorite Pairing: A good book and any of Ernie's sparkling wines sounds like the perfect pairing to me!
Backstory: Growing up over the hillside in Sonoma County, Kit has been surrounded by fine wines her whole life! It's no surprise that in 2000 she found herself a position in the wine industry, and joined the Hagafen team in 2010. As a nature-enthusiast, she loves camping with her family, and spends her spare time outdoors, exploring local hiking trails with her best bud Benson.


Hospitality Manager
Role: The Problem Solver
Favorite Pairing: Cypress Farm's young Humboldt Fog goat cheese with a cold glass of Hagafen Sauvignon Blanc!
Backstory: Having stumbled upon Hagafen Cellars years prior, Marissa had already fallen in love with the property's whimsical gardens and free-spirited charm before joining the Hagafen team in the Fall of 2017. On her days off, she's normally exploring the local wine, beer, and restaurant scene with her pup Willow in search of other dog-friendly places to enjoy!


Marketing Coordinator
Role: The Musical Comedian
Favorite Pairing: A big bowl of savory mushroom potroast with a bottle of Prix Reserve Merlot.
Backstory: Transitioning into the wine industry from a more traditional nine-to-five job in 2014, Vince joined the Hagafen team in the Fall of 2019. While he enjoys sharing his love for wine with his guests, his true passion is his music. As a local singer/songwriter, Vince frequently performs live throughout the Napa Valley!



Wine Educator
Role: The Snack Queen
Favorite Pairing: Burritos. Burritos & Hagafen Dry Riesling. AMAZING!
Backstory: Having finished up her degree at Sonoma State, Clara chose to explore her budding interest in fine wine. In the summer of 2022, she happily joined the team at Hagafen where her laid-back positive attitude is greatly appreciated! In her spare time, Clara enjoys attending concerts & music festivals with her girlfriend Alyssa and snuggling up at home with their pup Charlie and cat Ivy.


Wine Educator
Role: The Wordle Expert
Favorite Pairing: Beef tenderloin with a glass of Hagafen Pinot Noir.
Backstory: After 30 years as a public school teacher, Phil found a way to combine his passion for education with his love for fine wine. He joined the Hagafen family in the summer of 2019, and has been brightening the doorways of the Hagafen wine shop ever since! Phil spends his free time playing golf, and exploring hiking trails around the Bay Area with his wife Claire and their two dogs.


On-Call Wine Educator
Role: The Foodie
Favorite Pairing: Grilled Salmon and Prix Reserve Pinot Noir.
Backstory: Trading his life in the midwest, for a life in wine country, Tom moved out West in the early 1990's. While a career in the finance industry is what paid his bills, he joined the Hagafen team as a part-time wine educator in 2010. Life is all about balance, right!? When Tom isn't crunching numbers, he's either visiting his son in Colorado or exploring all that wine country has to offer with his friends!




Resident Good Boy
Role: The Garbage Disposal
Favorite Pairing: Floor food with water from the garden fountain.
Backstory: Leaving the ruff life of a Taiwanese street-dog behind, Benson upgraded to the lavish life of a Napa winery-dog back in October of 2020. Splitting his time between the winery and his humans in Sonoma can be exhausting...which is why you can oftentimes find him taking a well-deserved nap while on property. When he's not at the winery, Benson enjoys playing keep-away with his humans, exploring hiking trails, and snuggling with his newest human Lincoln.

Milo & Mojo

Resident Scaredy Cats
Role: The Mousers
Favorite Pairing: Field mice and the water from the bird path.
Backstory: Happily trading in their lives as orphaned street-cats, Milo and Mojo found their way to Hagafen in the winter of 2021. The two of them spend most of their days napping in preparation for their eventful evenings, which are full of hunting all the crazy critters that wander on property and frequent the fields behind the winery. When they're on break, these little goofballs love tempting guests into petting them, only to dodge and dash away before any contact is made.