Our Winemaker

"I interfere as little as possible with the soil, creating a balance that minimizes the chemical and erosion impact by using time honored farming techniques while maintaining the age-old wisdom of balance and the traditional values of conservation and land stewardship. Once harvest is completed, I undertake the second part of my job, winemaking. This presents an interesting challenge every time since each year the growing season and harvest are unique and different. I never seek to change what Nature has provided. My goal is to showcase the best that our land has produced."

“Passion, soul, and enjoyment—without all three, you don’t have a fine wine.”

Ernie Weir

The Team

Kit Cassidy- Manager of Hospitality

Marcus Coller- Donations, Wholesale, Competitions

TJ Danser- Assistant Manager of Hospitality

Jon Weir- Southern California Account Manager