Marcus Collar

Marcus Collar grew up in Napa Valley’s backyard, but his interests didn’t always lie in the wine industry. An artist by nature, he once aspired to be a filmmaker and at the age of seventeen he had the opportunity to film Robert Mondavi’s 80th birthday party.  It was there, speaking to Governor Pete Wilson and Robert Mondovi himself, when Marcus realized there was a whole wine culture happening in his own backyard.  Taking after his mother, Julie Prince, who has worked in the wine industry for over 30 years, Marcus stepped into the illustrious world of wine with is first job at Piatti in Yountville. Using his experience at Piatti and from the few high-end restaurants such as Don Giovanni’s and French Laundry where he worked, Marcus developed the passion and knowledge for wine that led him to smaller boutique wineries such as Hagafen Cellars.

Marcus has worked at Hagafen Cellars since 2012 and loves everyday of it. He is known amongst his coworkers and visitors for his sense of humor and ability to make learning about and tasting wine a fun and unique experience. The best part about working at Hagafen, for Marcus, is working at a small family owned winery that puts its heart and soul into every bottle. His favorite bottle being the 2010 Prix Merlot!

Marcus is an artist in his free time, creating everything from abstract paintings to the comics and illustrations you’ll see on Hagafen’s t-shirts as well as scattered throughout the tasting room.  Marcus has even published his own comic book series,  “Pool Care”, which you can find, amongst his many other works at his website: