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Marissa Napierski

Being raised in a small town just a few minutes away from Napa Valley, Marissa is no stranger to the inspiring wines that come out of this renown valley! Like many before her, Marissa's love of wine and agriculture played a huge role in her decision to pursue a career in the wine industry. However, her motivation goes much deeper than that. As a teenager, Marissa watched as her mother began searching for a career that would be just as fullfilling as raising three children. To her surprise, she found exactly what she was looking for when she landed her first job in the wine industry! As Marissa grew older, she saw her mother's confidence soar as she reclaimed her independence, inspiring Marissa to do the exact same with her own life!

During Marissa's journey into the wine industry, she found herself happiest working for family-owned wineries that focused on small-batch wines. While wine-tasting with some friends, Marissa stumbled upon Hagafen Cellars, falling in love with the whimsical gardens and free-spirited charm of the property. During an event at the winery, she met the owners, Ernie and Irit Weir, which is when she knew that this was the perfect place for her to plant her roots. 

Marissa's favorite part about working at Hagafen Cellars is knowing that the winery is environmentally conscious and believes in keeping the Napa Valley green. When asked what her favorite Hagafen wine was, Marissa exclaimed, "The Bubbly! Duh!" On her days off, you can catch her exploring the hiking trails of Northern California or doing research at one of many Napa wineries in search of some great wines to add to her personal collection! 


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