Taylor Rink

Taylor Rink started her career in the wine industry in a somewhat non-traditional sense – by drinking and sharing wine amongst friends. Being a native Floridian, she didn’t have access to the beautiful Napa wineries until her Mother took her on a birthday vacation to The Valley, where she fell in love with the land as well as the industry. Originally a personal trainer en route to becoming a registered dietitian at Florida State University, Taylor was faced with a choice: work in a hospital day-to-day or on a beautiful vineyard and winery.  Naturally, the winery won out.  She packed up, moved across the country, and found herself as a proud member of the Hagafen Family team and she couldn’t be happier. Today, she is taking courses at University of California, Davis in the hopes of one day becoming a winemaker! 

Taylor’s favorite part about working at Hagafen Cellars is meeting people from all walks of life, hearing their incredible stories, and sharing knowledge about some amazing wines, produced by an amazing family.  She flip-flops between enjoying Hagafen’s Late Disgorged Brut Cuvèe Sparkling Wine and the Hagafen Cabernet Franc, depending on her mood. 

In her spare time, Taylor loves music and playing the piano and guitar. Because what could be a more perfect pair than wine and music!