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Coravin Model 6

Coravin Model 6
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This standard Model Six bundle is perfect for your brother who is already planning his next Napa trip, the grandfather who wants to collect every Coravin System, and your novice-wine-collector nephew. The Limited Edition Mica System comes with a Carry Case, three Coravin Pure™ Capsules, and two standard Coravin Screw Caps—perfect for sipping through the holiday season.

This luxury finish is only available for the holiday season. Limited Edition Mica brings the layered, natural beauty of the earth to your kitchen or bar. A glossy finish, metallic accents, and premium accessories offer a complete Coravin wine preservation experience.


(3) Coravin Pure Capsules

(2) Coravin Screw Caps

(1) Carry Case

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